Siddhi wedges sandals

Size Guide

These wedges sandals are made with precious natural jute in red.
They have been embroidered with sequins, ocher and gold colors, wich give them an exotic touch.

The two ribbons tying sandal to the ankle are red cotton and gold organza.

100% Natural Jute sole with non-slip vulcanized rubber.

Interior cotton canvas in beige.

They have got a leather  insole cushioned with  EVA (5 mm), so they are really confortable.

Our wedge sandals are lightweight and flexible. It weighs 650 grams par.

Our espadrilles are HAND SEWN BY US  in Mallorca, SPAIN

Please confirm your size. We'll do yours  JUST FOR YOU.

3 days to manufacture in all cases.
Check for special requests
or emergencies.

5 different  shipping charges: Balearic Islands, Península (Spain next day before 19:00 pm) , Canary Islands -Ceuta & Melilla (48 hrs), Europe (4 days)



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Sizing Info

Your Olé espadrilles must adapt to your foot and initially must be narrow, because after a few days, the cotton widens.

We recommend measuring your foot in cm, and according to cm, choose your size. 

Please, as we will do your espadrilles SPECIALLY FOR YOU, take your time to measure your feet. THANKS A LOT. 


21 (13 cm)          28 (18 cm)          35 (22,5 cm)        42 (27 cm)

22 (14 cm)          29 (18,5 cm)       36 (23 cm)            43 (27,5 cm) 

23 (14,5 cm)       30 (18 cm)          37 (23,5 cm)         44 (28,5 cm)

24 (15 cm)          31 (19,5 cm)       38 (24 cm)            45 (29 cm)

25 (15,5 cm)       32 (20,5 cm)       39 (25 cm)            46 (29,5 cm)

26 (16,2cm)        33 (21cm)           40 (25,5 cm)         47 (30 cm)

27 (17 cm)          34 (22 cm)          41 (26,5 cm)




If your feet are of different sizes, let us know, we will do our best to satisfy you. 

If your feet are wider than normal or have bunions, don't worry, we will also make them WITH NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Just contact us and we will send you a video on how to measure your feet.

Our prices range depend on the amount of fabric that we use and the time it tooks to sew your espadrilles, so they go by size

Our prices don't include shipping. Free delivery would be easy to put with a global price, but then most of you would be paying a higher price for our espadrilles and it is not our intention. 

We think it is better to pay shipping fees apart,  depending on the remoteness of your country from Spain and the weight of the product purchased.

Shipping fees are by weight, not by units.

THANKS A LOT. Please take note that we also can do espadrilles with your favorite fabric.